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RAW Food for Your Dog - Healthy, Natural and Simple...


As humans, our bodies need proper nutrition to reach their optimal health and strength. When we don't receive the right amount of nutrients in our system, our body begins to falter, and our immune system weakens. We are more likely to get sick, tired, or depressed. This also applies to our dogs, making what we feed them just as important as what we provide ourselves. Compared to other forms of dog food available, a raw diet is the best food your dog can eat. Raw dog food, also known BARF, is filled with biologically appropriate ingredients for your dog.

A dog that eats raw food is generally healthier than one that doesn't because a raw diet has the greatest bioavailability of nutrients. This means that your dog's meal is much easier to digest than any other dog food, allowing all the nutrients to be absorbed.

Feeding a raw dog food diet is the best and most natural diet that provides the nutrition and health benefits your dog needs for enhanced optimal health.


Dry food has always been the most popular dog food to feed our dogs, but tnow we know more about canine nutrition and more about what goes into dry food and how harmful it can be. Like processed food, dogs can digest kibble, but they won't receive the nutrients an authentic meal provides.

Dry dog food, like kibble, lacks the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the dog's biology. To thrive, dogs need the amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients that a natural raw meat diet can provide. Commercial dog food companies claim that they provide your dog with these nutrients, but that is a myth!

Dry food is processed in extreme temperatures that destroy half of any nutritional value it has. They are packed with artificial flavours, colours, fillers, and preservatives, none of which are benefiting your dog's health.

Instead of processed dry dog food, feed your dog raw meat formulas that will give your dog the nutrients nature intended them to consume! A raw dog food diet will mimic meat, bone, organs, and some vegetation consumed in the wild.

A raw diet is biologically appropriate and will give your dog the essential nutrients needed to provide them with optimal health and longevity. With this being said, many specific benefits are leading to a healthy life.

A natural fresh raw diet can give your dog many health benefits, improve their current conditions, prevent future disease, and help them thrive.


Benefits Include:

  • Stronger Immunity

  • Healthy Weight

  • Reduced Allergies⁠

  • Better Digestion

  • Less Gas

  • Smaller Stool

  • Reduced Allergies

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Dental Health

  • Less Vet Visits

  • A Healthier Happier Dog

There are a lot of things that might make you think twice before starting your dog on a raw diet. People sometimes claim that it’s complicated – not any more. Most raw food just looks like mince and is stored in the freezer. Defrost what you need and serve it to your dog; it’s that simple! Or you might worry about bacteria - This is probably the biggest of the raw dog food myths out there. Raw dog food that is prepared safely does not put your dog at risk of bacteria or contamination. Raw dog food goes through several different safety checks including routine salmonella tests, and deep freezing helps to eliminate any bacteria. Treat it just like any other meat that you might be cooking for your own dinner. Dogs’ immune systems are designed to handle the various sources of bacteria and germs that they come into contact with on a daily basis. A raw diet can help their gut bacteria to neutralise any pathogens, meaning raw can provide beneficial nutrients without any increased risk.

You may hear some say it’s expensive – it can be. The cost of high-quality ingredients and the safe handling of raw food does mean that raw dog food costs more than the cheapest kibble. However, in comparison to some of the more nutritious commercial food diets, it can still be competitively priced. The health benefits and savings on vet bills outweigh the small extra costs, and you cant put a price on a healthy happy dog!

Feeding my own dogs a healthy and appropriate diet has always been a passion of mine and I also have a Diploma in Canine Nutrition, so it seemed an obvious path for me to take to begin supplying healthy dog food at snacks at Dog School, so I’ve joined forces with a local raw food supplier and am now provide a wide range of different flavours of complete raw food and natural snacks and chews. If you want to know more about how to transition your dog onto a healthy raw diet, or to place an order, go to


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