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In dog agility, there are several pieces of dog training equipment that are known as contact obstacles. These include the pause table, the A-frame, the dog walk and the seesaw. The seesaw can be tricky to teach, as dogs are often unsure about this movable object. The tipping point is unpredictable for them and the slower they are, the more unpredictable it gets!

Ideally dogs should be taught to run very quickly across the seesaw and stop at the very end. That way, they learn that it will only tip once they've reached the contact zone. That makes it much more predictable for them and they will feel safer.

There are several ways we can teach a dog how to use the seesaw including using a wobble board, teaching them to walk on it from the middle downwards and using a smaller, lower seesaw. All of these help to build confidence and get them used to the idea of using their weight to push the seesaw down without being abruptly surprised the first time it moves.

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