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Off-leash run and play time with dog friends!

And humans too..!

Come and join us at our friendly off-leash play sessions held weekly in Nerja. Playtime is a supervised environment for dogs to learn and develop their social skills, or to simply run around and have fun in a safe environment with a qualified canine behaviour expert at hand.

Playtime addresses the social nature of dogs. Regular, positive interaction with other dogs and humans is vital to the development of a healthy, happy dog. Our Playtime sessions aim to develop your dog’s well-being and confidence by reinforcing calm, appropriate play behaviours in a safe environment. Sessions take place in our fenced-in facilities located close to central Nerja, where they engage in a supervised, controlled, and off-leash play session. Playtime sessions can also help improve your dog’s routine and prevent destructive behaviour at home.

You and your dog will enjoy use of all the agility obstacles and our awesomely stocked toy box. There's something there for everyone so toss a ball, splash in the pool or fly over jumps and have FUN!

Playtime is for clients who have completed either Life Skills 1 or Agility 1. Dogs are divided into groups by play style rather than just size so that we can be sure your dog has the right playmates. If you would like to attend but your dog has not been to any of our training classes, then your dog can come for a short temperament assessment before joining a session. 

Sessions can be booked either one at a time, or in blocks of 3, 5 or 10

*Please note that this is strictly a play session for sociable dogs. If your dog is reactive and requires training, please get in touch to see how we can help in other ways.

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What are the requirements for this class?
  • Non-aggressive dogs that are already clients of Dog School. If your dog hasn't been to Dog School, we can arrange for a short temperament test at a small additional cost. Please ask for more info

What do I need to bring to the class?
  • 2m leash and that's it! No food or treats needed! We also have plenty of toys so there's no need to bring your own.

  • In summer months water and a small pool will be available

Where is the class held?
  • At Dog School's Agility park near Punta Lara, Nerja

Who can come to the class?
  • A minimum of 1 adult per dog must attend. Children over the age of 12 are welcome

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