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Nerja's No.1 Dog Training School

Whether you're a first time dog owner or you just want to learn how to get the best from your dog, you're in the right place!


You're exhausted trying to get your dog to behave and too embarrassed to have friends or family over...

But you know your dog has a good heart. You see it every day.

Sometimes dogs are difficult to understand, or need a bit more than just a walk or two every day, and it takes more than treats or games to solve a problem. 
It takes work and often that work takes time, patience and dedication and sometimes collaboration with a vet to find the correct solution.

I've spent over 15 years studying canine psychology and behaviour and have dog related qualifications in both English and Spanish. I’ve worked with thousands of dogs both here and in the UK, and with clients from all over the world. I can help you understand what your dog is doing and why they are behaving in a particular way. 

It's a bit like being a human psychiatrist - but without the couch!! (Although we can have one if you want!)


As a fully accredited and experienced dog trainer, I can guide and support you and your dog using effective and ethical training solutions.

Dog training shouldn't be a chore; I want you and your dog to have fun. Together we'll train your dog to respond to you and establish (or rebuild) the bond between you.

What Clients Say

"Phoebe and I have completed 2 courses with Karen, the beginners and the rocket recall. What a great experience! Karen is very knowledgeable and makes training fun and interesting, even shows you how to stimulate your dog’s brain with easy homemade puzzles! She shares her extensive knowledge on all things dog, and explains the hows and whys, and gives us the tools to go home and practice, practice, practice! Every day is training day between classes. Put the work in and the rewards are amazing!She’s always contactable with any problems in between classes too. It’s an education for you and your dog with a little fun and playtime thrown in. A wonderful experience, we would continue to go every week if we could!"
~ Michelle & Phoebe
Dog training classes in Nerja

Keighley & Bella

~ Client name with dog's name



Safe, supervised off-leash run and play sessions in Nerja

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