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Dog Olympics 1: Fri 20 Sept 11:30-12:30

6 week course for the Dog Olympics titles 1 & 2 (Hoops & Balls)

  • Starts 20 Sept
  • 75 euros
  • Dog School Agility Field, El Playazo, Nerja

Available spots

What's included in this course

Take part in the Dog Olympics and complete 5 challenges to be awarded the Pentathlon Title! This course is the first 2 levels in the series and consists of teaching your dog to demonstrate 10 tricks in total - 5 using a hoop and 5 using a ball. Some of the tricks could include: Paws up on a yoga ball Balance on top of a yoga ball Muffin Tin Game with tennis balls Catch a ball Fetch a ball Push a football Tidy up your toys; drop ball in toy box Find your ball by scent Jump through a hoop Jump through two hoops held slightly apart Fetch a hoop Sit in a hoop Circle around a hoop Send away to go stand in a hoop Platform jump; jump from one platform to another while holding a hoop in between Once completed, you'll be awarded 2 of 5 titles in the Do More With Your Dog - Dog Olympics. Once you have earned 5 titles, submit for your Doglympics title to be listed on the website and receive your optional certificate, gold medal and rosette.

Your practical class dates

Cancellation Policy

By completing a booking form you have acknowledged that you are aware of these terms & conditions. I cannot refund course fees once the course has started & partial refunds for missed classes are not given. Please notify me beforehand if you are going to miss a class. Where possible I will try to accommodate so that you can catch up on what you miss. Cancellations: Refunds will not be given if you cancel within 7 days notice of the course starting, or once the course has commenced. No refunds are given for non-attendance to a course.

Contact Details


Dog School Nerja, Little Weeds Pago Rio Seco, Spain

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