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Life Skills 1 - Beginners Class

Sep 2, 2024 - Sep 23, 2024

  • 22Days
  • 34Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Welcome to Life Skills 1! This is our highly successful Beginners Class and is a great starting point for dogs of any age who are ready to work on basic cues such as: sit, down, stay, leave-it, come and walking nicely on the leash. We also work on impulse control and manners around people so you can take your dog out to the local bar in the knowledge they can settle. Teach and strengthen your dog’s essential basic manners skills while learning to add in challenges such as distance, distraction and duration. This course consists of interactive lessons and quizzes - a combination of 4 hour-long practical classes with an instructor, and 3 easy to follow online lessons that you can work through at your own pace giving you the best opportunity to teach your dog all the essential skills. From learning the basics like sit, stay/wait, and walking on the leash to developing manners around people and other animals, our program covers it all. The in-person classes are full of natural distractions, so even if your dog knows a few of these already, it is a great environment to work in to increase difficulty. You'll also receive instructions and recommendations on equipment, how to interpret your dog's body language and practical guidance every step of the way. What's included: Introduction to the fundamentals of Positive Reinforcement Guidance on how to choose the best equipment Understanding your dog's behaviour & body language Timing & Rewards Manners & Polite Greetings Sit/Stay Walking nicely on the Leash Come back when called Social Skills with People & other Dogs At the end of the course, all participants will be awarded a certificate and badge!

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